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Mounting Services

Aluminum Brace
An Aluminum frame is applied to the back of the mounted print, holding it one inch away from the wall, making it seem to "float". Bracing a print also increases the integrity of larger prints, reducing the probability of bowing or warping over time. This modern design element can be achieved with gatorboard, sintra or acrylic mounts. Aluminum is highly recommended over wood for larger mounted prints due to its superior rigidity and strength.

Low-Profile Sintra Brace
A Sintra frame is applied to the back of a mounted print. Sintra is a plastic mounting material. Available in two thicknesses, these will hold mounted prints either 3/4” or 1/2” away from the wall, thus creating a œfloating” effect. This cost-effective look can be achieved with gatorboard or sintra on mounted prints up to 24x30 inches.

Museum Box Mounts
Constructed in our own carpentry shop, these custom-made boxes feature a masonite top with either one-inch or two-inch clear pine side panels covered in black or white formica. This style of mounting has been a longtime standard in fine museums and galleries nationwide. It comes complete with a œFrench cleat” for secure hanging. A Velcro "face" can be optionally applied to the surface of the box mount, extending the versatility of your mount by allowing for interchangeable displays.

Gator Box Mount
Similar to a Museum Box, but constructed of 1 1/2" gatorboard with smooth formica edges in black or white. Gator Box mounts are lighter and more economical than traditional wood Box Mounts. These are available in any size up to 48”x96”.

Wall-Hugger Z-Clip Hanger
A light weight but extremely strong aluminum bracket can be applied to the back of a gatorboard or sintra mounted print (up to 20x30) that will allow it to hang nearly flush to the wall. A matching wall cleat for hanging is included.

Headshot Repros
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