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Retouching & Restoration Services
The Retouchers at Modernage are among the most talented in the industry. Whether you need to give your images a digital facelift or need to reconstruct weathered or torn originals, Modernage can accommodate your custom retouching needs.

Retouching Services

Retouch Sample Gallery- mouse over each image for the retouched version

retouch1 retouch2 retouch3 retouch4
  • Reduce shine on forehead
  • Lighten side of face
  • Soften under eyes
  • Smooth wrinkles in shirt
  • Whiten teeth
  • Lighten sligthly under eyes
  • Darken shirt
  • Reduce shine on face
  • Remove earrings
  • Remove flyaways
  • Lighten heavy shadows overall
  • Shorten collar
retouch5 retouch6 retouch7 retouch8
  • Reduce shadows on face
  • Soften wrinkles on neck
  • Fix tie and jacket collar
  • Lighten under eyes
  • Remove flyaways
  • Lighten under eyes
  • Change sneaker color to red
  • Smooth wrinkle on jeans
  • Remove equipment in background
  • Brighten image overall
  • Increase color saturation overall
Headshot Repros
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